The Spearfish Community Coalition is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to mobilize the community to support positive, healthy and drug free youth. We are a VOLUNTEER organization that needs your help to be successful in reducing youth substance abuse, specifically alcohol, marijuana and tobacco use. Other areas of focus include youth leadership development and initiating study for a sustainable and powerful anti-bullying program.

Making positive, healthy changes in this community takes the collaboration, partnership and generosity of many people from all sectors of the community.


We cannot do it alone. Your donation helps support many of the Coalition’s activities including providing free resources, training and education as well as current initiatives such as:

  • ~Red Ribbon Month Youth Activities
  • ~Youth Leadership Day
  • ~Above The Influence
  • ~Downtown Friday Nights ID Carding
  • ~Rx Take Back Education and Event
  • ~Positive Community Norms Campaign
  • ~Parents Who Host, Lose the Most
  • ~LifeSkills Prevention Curriculum
  • ~ATOD
  • ~Social Media and Policy Development to Reduce Risk
  • ~Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco Awareness Education
  • ~Spearfish Resource Guide Publication