SCC celebrates Red Ribbon Week by engaging youth

Kirstie Bakke

With another Red Ribbon Week in the books, the Spearfish Community Coalition would like to take this opportunity to look back on some of the week-long activities Spearfish youth took part in.

Red Ribbon Week was celebrated Oct. 28 through Nov. 1 within grades kindergarten through high school of the Spearfish School District. Each student was given a drug-free pledge card, which doubled as a discount card for 19 local participating businesses. The Spearfish Community Coalition provided the pledge cards and asked the local businesses to help support our drug-free youth for the week.

“Red Ribbon Week is a great opportunity to educate youth about the dangers of drugs. As a coalition we really wanted to reward those kids who take the pledge to live a drug-free life with this pledge card program,” Coalition Coordinator for the Spearfish Community Coalition Janelle Rauterkus said.

The Spearfish Middle School student council helped organize a door-decorating contest for each classroom and a week of dress-up themes to help recognize Red Ribbon Week. Teachers asked their START class to come up with a drug-free theme and design for their classroom door. The participating doors were judged on Wednesday, Oct. 30 by eight volunteers from the Spearfish Community Coalition.

The votes were tallied and the winning door was from Abigail Case’s START class. The door displayed the message “Don’t disappoint your Mum…y” with a full-size mummy reaching out from the door. The door was completed with a coffin, lights and spooky Halloween music.

“The students wanted to incorporate Halloween into the Red Ribbon Week celebration,” said Case. “Everyone pitched in to come up with ideas to make the door more creative … from music, to cobwebs, to the coffin. It was a great team building experience.”

Although Red Ribbon Week is only celebrated for one week, drug-prevention is a yearlong educational opportunity. “Your futures are full of endless possibilities,” Case said in her message to all students. “Drugs will only take away from those possibilities.  Be drug free and reach your potential.”

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