What You Can Do To Prevent Your Child From Drinking

There are many prevention methods to reduce the risk of a child's alcohol use. Setting clear rules and communicating about alcohol use with your children is one way to help prevent them from drinking underage. Learn more about what you can do to prevent your child from drinking. Be Aw Read More

Free Materials to Help Prevent Teens from Misusing Prescription Meds

Coalitions are familiar with the sobering stats around prescription drug abuse: more than six million Americans age 12 and older have used a prescription drug non-medically in the past month; drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States.; and about 5,500 Americans misu Read More

Youth Leadership Conference

The annual Youth Leadership and Prevention Summit was a huge success! Nearly 100 students from local schools came together to participate in leadership building activities, networking opportunities, learning from key note speakers, and engaging in activities aimed at reducing alcohol, tobacco, and d Read More

Candy-Flavored Tobacco Products Entice Younger Consumers

Tobacco companies have introduced new products aimed at younger demographics. These candy-flavored products are just as harmful as other tobacco products and attract kids with bright packaging that looks similar to candy. Below are some articles describing this new trend. New Study: Sweet Tobacco P Read More

South Dakota Social Host Law

This past month, Joyce Glynn finally got her victory!  After more than a year and a half of hard fought work to pass a Social Host law, Governor Dennis Daugard signed the bill on March 14th, passing into law South Dakota's first social host law.  This law is aimed at prohibit Read More

Will Legalization Lead to More Teens Smoking Pot?

With medical marijuana approved in more states each year and recreational use legalized in Colorado and Washington, experts are concerned that more teens may use the drug because they believe it's safe. A Feb. 25 study published in the International Journal of Drug Policy found that a Read More

Patrick Kennedy Wages a Fierce Anti-Pot Crusade

 As a hard-partying teenager, Patrick Kennedy met President Reagan at a fundraiser for the JFK Library, a meeting captured in a photograph that the former Rhode Island congressman now hangs in his home office. He used to think of it as a funny episode, a collision of Camelot’s cocaine kid Read More

Why It’s Still a Big Deal if Your Teen Smokes Pot

With each passing day, it seems, smoking pot becomes less and less stigmatized in our society. In a much-buzzed-about piece in The New Yorker this week, President Obama suggested making pot legal in large part to correct the vast inequities that minorities face in terms of canna Read More

Alcohol consumption, direct cause of 80,000 yearly deaths

Alcohol consumption is the direct cause of nearly 80,000 deaths in the Americas each year, according to a new study. Published in the journal Addiction, the study analyzed yearly mortality rates from 16 countries in North and Latin America.  The researchers focused on deaths that were spe Read More

Another Great Assets Resource

Project Cornerstone is building a community where all adults support children and teenagers so that they thrive. They work within the YMCA of Silicon Valley and more than 200 schools and community partners to influence the personal behavior of adults toward children and teens, strengthen youth- Read More

Tripling tobacco taxes worldwide would avoid 200 million tobacco deaths

Controlling tobacco marketing is also key to helping people quit smoking   Tripling taxes on cigarettes around the world would reduce the number of smokers by one-third and prevent 200 million premature deaths from lung cancer and other diseases this century, according to a review published t Read More

Holiday party experiment: You may be drunker than you think

It's party season, and a lot of us think we know our limits: "I can have a couple of drinks. If I'm not slurring my words or stumbling, I'm OK." But, authorities say, too often people don't know their own limits. According to government data, during Christmas and New Year& Read More

Driving with a hangover could be as dangerous as drunk driving

For people who spend a wild night partying, waiting to drive home the following morning — rather than getting behind the wheel, still intoxicated — may seem like the safer option. But new research suggests people who drive with a hangover pose just as much of a threat to themselves and o Read More

Nine Ways to Build Assets During the Holiday Season

With a little patience and planning, the holidays can be used to nurture many aspects of the developmental foundation that kids need to succeed. Here are some examples to try with the young people in your life. Nine Ways to Build Assets During the Holiday Season Plan a holiday shopping event&nbs Read More

More teens visiting emergency room after using Ecstasy, Molly

The number of teens who have ended up in the emergency room after using MDMA – the drug present in both Ecstasy and Molly – has more than doubled in recent years, Medical Xpress reported. According to a report released by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrati Read More

Fewer teens smoke cigarettes but more use e-cigarettes, hookahs

The good news is that fewer young people are smoking cigarettes.  The bad news is that more are turning to other tobacco products such as hookahs or waterpipes.   Fewer U.S. teens are smoking cigarettes, but more are getting a nicotine fix from hookahs and electronic cigarettes, the Read More

NYC Council gets tough on tobacco

The New York City Council voted on October 30, 2013 to approve an anti-tobacco law that will raise the tobacco-purchasing age from 18 to 21. In addition to the "Tobacco 21" bill, which includes electronic cigarettes, the council also approved a second bill, "Sensible Tobacco Enforcement." It will Read More

The 10 States Most Addicted to Smoking

Antismoking efforts are hard to avoid nowadays. Cigarette packaging got graphic new warning labels (though they'll soon be replaced thanks to a big-tobacco lawsuit), and 38 states have at least some restrictions as to where a person can light up. (New York State has even banned smoking in public Read More

Candy or Medicine: Can you Tell the Difference?

Prescription use among Americans is up, and it may be contributing to the increase of unintentional drug poisonings of children at home. “I think that the medications are more available to children, meaning we are not putting them away like we used to,” said Dr. Michael Lanigan, emerge Read More

Smoking Really Does Make You Look Older!

You know smoking doesn’t do any favors for your face – or your lungs, or your heart, or just about any other part of your body, for that matter! – but a new study of twins hints at the ways the habit makes you look older than you really are. In what is perhaps the best detail of Read More

Smokers are Most Likely to Think About Quitting on Mondays

Move over, New Year’s resolutions. When it comes to quitting smoking, tobacco addicts are most likely to consider kicking the habit on an ordinary Monday, new research finds. That’s according to a global analysis of weekly Google search terms led by a team of researchers and public hea Read More

Too Many American Teens Are Smoking ‘Little Cigars’

They look like cigarettes, and they’re just as harmful as cigarettes—but "little cigars" are much cheaper, and they come in flavors like chocolate or candy apple, which makes them very attractive to kids, experts say. Now, for the first time, kids’ use of flavored little cigars h Read More

Picking Your Battles With Your Teen

When you learn to recognize typical teen behavior, you can control your automatic reactions to it and communicate clearly in times of conflict. (It also helps to realize that unhealthy friendships and sleep deprivation can alter a teen’s mood, judgment and behavior in big ways, too.) Your Em Read More

Why Hard Drinkers Have Problems With Bones

It's a long-known association: hard drinking leads to weak bones. Doctors know that alcohol abusers are more likely than abstainers to suffer from frequent bone fractures, and slow bone healing. However, precisely why this is the case has been a mystery. Doctors have attributed the association Read More

Clinic Creates Human Masks Meant to Depict Horrors of Smoking

Looking for a scary Halloween costume this year?  One health clinic has a very spooky – and realistic – idea. British online clinic, HealthExpress, has created masks meant to mimic real human faces ravaged by smoking.  One mask depicts a woman whose teeth and gums are rotten, Read More

Drugged Driving Plays Major Role in Traffic Deaths

Drug use triples drivers' risk of a fatal car crash, and the combination of drugs and alcohol causes an astronomical increase of 23 times the risk, according to a new study. Drugged driving is a growing safety concern in the United States and many other countries—especially with the rise Read More

Number of Students Who’ve Tried E-Cigarettes has Doubled!

The percentage of U.S. high school students who say they have tried e-cigarettes has doubled in the past year to 10 percent, government researchers reported Thursday. They say it’s a troubling trend as no one knows yet how safe e-cigarettes are, although they are often marketed as a safer al Read More

Underage Drinking Prevention Tools for Parents

Underage drinking continues to be a national public health issue, especially among adolescents. An estimated 10 million people younger than the age of 21 in the United States drank alcohol in the past month. Underage drinking puts children at risk for a variety of short- and long-term physical and Read More

E-Cigarettes Entering Mainstream With Sales Nearing $1B: What’s Next?

They don't burn, produce smoke, or contain leaf tobacco. Advocates are saying it's for these reasons that e-cigarettes are becoming more socially acceptable, and the trend has securities analysts predicting that they'll soon hit the $1-billion mark in sales. According to Wells Fargo an Read More

New Line of Cups and Straws Detect Date Rape Drugs

As the night gets hazier, partiers have a harder time keeping track of their drinks. That makes them vulnerable to sipping odorless, tasteless date-rape drugs. Now a startup plans to combat that by producing drinkware next month that changes when those drugs are present. A Massachusetts-based comp Read More

New Dissolvable Tobacco Products Could Lead to More Users

A Food and Drug Administration scientific advisory panel says dissolvable tobacco products could reduce health risks compared with smoking cigarettes. But the agency also warned the products have the potential to increase the overall number of tobacco users. Dissolvable tobacco is finely milled to Read More

Parents Matter Resource Guide

Here is a great resource for parents from our friends over in Pierre and Fort Pierre. It's a parent's guide to local laws associated with alcohol, how to talk to your child and some general information about the use of alcohol in SD. Enjoy! alcohol_guide.pdf   Read More

A Dangerous Viral Trend Threatens Teens

It's the dangerous new way teens are getting drunk—and it's going viral. Now doctors say it could be deadly. It's called "smoking alcohol." You don't drink the booze, you inhale it. Sounds bizarre, but those vapors give you an instant high. Here's the problem: Doctors s Read More

A Parent’s Guide to the Teen Brain

New discoveries about adolescent brain development have opened up fresh ways of thinking about teen behavior, and offer new insight into how parents can help their teens understand the risks of drugs and alcohol. For instance: Scientific evidence reveals that the brain is fully mature at about Read More

Urban Outfitters Halts Prescription-Themed Products

The coffee mug pictured above is covered in a prescription label, with the RX#: VRY-CAF-N8D. "Drink one mug by mouth, repeat until awake and alert," the instructions read. The mug is one of several Urban Outfitters prescription-themed products that have come under fire recently from safety ad Read More

Many Teens Are Now Drinking or Taking Drugs During School

Ninety percent of American high school students report that some of their classmates are using illicit drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, during the school day, a new survey found. When asked to estimate how many were involved, these teens reported that about 17 percent of students—roughl Read More

New Study Finds Many Parents Underestimate the Dangers of Teens Abusing Prescription Drugs

More parents need to talk with their teens about the dangers of abusing Ritalin, Adderall and other prescription drugs, suggests a new study that finds discouraging trends on kids and drug use. When teens were asked about the last substance abuse conversation they had with their parents, just 14 p Read More

One Text or Call Could Wreck it All

The Problem: Distracted Driving Most drivers know that texting while driving is a dangerous behavior, but many still use their cell phones and other mobile devices when they are behind the wheel, putting themselves and others at risk. Many drivers see distracted driving* as&nbs Read More

Volunteers Needed!

Dear Volunteers: As you may know, the Downtown Friday Nights activity has become an ever growing, family friendly event drawing 3,000 or more people each week throughout the summer. Downtown Friday Nights has much to offer for our local citizens and visiting tourists.  While this is considere Read More

A Guide to Safe and Sober Event Planning

Dear Friends,  Most of you have read about underage drinking tragedies. Many of you may know people who have been killed or injured as a result of impaired driving. Some of you might have even been involved in crashes yourselves. At the very least, you know about parties that have left your f Read More

Taking Away the Keys Doesn’t Take Away the Risk

Most people know about the dangers of underage drinking and driving, but what you may not know is that the dangers of underage drinking are even greater off the roadways.  This means that parents, who talk with their kids about drunk driving, but not about waiting until 21 to drink at all, are Read More

Synthetic Drugs and Their Deadly Consequences

New Data, Online Resources on Synthetic Drugs In 2012, synthetic cathinones—better known as “bath salts”—made international headlines as reports of deaths and grave injuries related to this family of drug emerged. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, “ Read More

Strategic Prevention Framework

The Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) uses a five-step process known to promote youth development, reduce risk-taking behaviors, build assets and resilience, and prevent problem behaviors across the life span. The SPF is built on a community-based risk and protective factors approach to prevent Read More

7 Strategies for Prevention

The Spearfish Community Coalition is making positive changes in Spearfish through the following seven strategies.  These strategies include both individual strategies and community wide strategies in order to make the greatest impact.  Check back periodically to see details about how Read More

How to Deal with Bullies

Stand up against Bullying! Bullying is NEVER okay.  If you or someone you know is being bullied, get help!   If you are bullying someone else - STOP! Here are some great resources for bullying prevention at all levels in a variety of settings. PACER's National Bullying Prevention Ce Read More