Volunteers Needed!

Spearfish Community Coalition

Dear Volunteers:

As you may know, the Downtown Friday Nights activity has become an ever growing, family friendly event drawing 3,000 or more people each week throughout the summer. Downtown Friday Nights has much to offer for our local citizens and visiting tourists.  While this is considered a family friendly event, having alcohol present always presents the opportunity for minors to consume alcohol and for retailers to unknowingly sell to underage consumers. In order to continue the positive trend that the Downtown Business Association has created, they have enlisted the help of the Spearfish Community Coalition to ensure the event is properly guarded against the sale of alcohol to minors. The Coalition has purchased an ID scanner, an easy to use, great tool to help with the carding of those who choose to drink at this community event. 

The Coalition will sponsor a carding tent during each Friday night from June through August. In order for patrons to purchase alcohol, they must first have a wristband and in order to get a wristband, they must come to the carding tent, get their ID scanned and have a free wristband placed on their arm. It is our commitment, as a prevention organization, to ensure that the carding tent is staffed with trained volunteers EVERY Friday night.

We need your help! We can’t do this alone! The Coalition is looking for service organizations that would like to promote the family friendly environment of this activity and promote your group at the same time. 

Each Friday, starting June 7th, through Labor Day weekend, groups can take part by operating the ID Scanner and providing wrist bands for those that are of legal age choosing to drink while also promoting your group with a banner, promotional materials or brochures. This will be seen by nearly everyone attending the event, as the tent is located in the center of Main Street! We only need 4 volunteers from your agency/organization who are 21 years or older for the Friday of your choosing.

The Coalition, in partnership with the Spearfish Police Department, will provide training for all volunteers prior to the start of the event, so everyone will be comfortable and prepared for the activity.

What a great way to promote your organization while taking part in the city’s biggest event of the summer!

Please choose which Friday to participate and notify the Coalition by e-mailing the office at or calling 717-1417 (office). You do not need to submit the names of the volunteers, only which Friday(s) you would like to participate. You can determine which volunteers will help on your own.

Thank you for your participation in this great event and for supporting our community! We look forward to hearing from you!