The  Students Against Destructive Decisions is a place for youth to gather, learn leadership skills, have a voice in the community and help create positive environmental change. Members of the SADD, Spearfish youth in grades 6-12, take a key role in learning and teaching leadership skills and are positive role models to their peers. SADD members believe that drugs and alcohol have no place in their lives and stand up against the pressures to drink, smoke, do drugs and engage in risky behaviors. They learn about the influence of Big Tobacco and traditions of underage drinking and work to shatter the perceived norm that “everyone does it.” Since its development in 2011, the SADD has hosted a Youth Leadership Summit, attend the National Enforcing Underage Drinking Laws Leadership conference in Orlando, Florida, helped create positive media messages, and hosted various safe and drug free teen activities. The SADD meets twice a month and enjoys food, fun, games, and conversations about how to ensure a great community in which to grow up and live.

The SADD work on a variety of projects including:

  • hosting teen skate nights
  • fundraisers
  • environmental scans
  • teen leadership workshops
  • Red Ribbon Activities
  • Safe and Sober Prom messages
  • Graduation messages and activities
  • and so much more!

If you have questions about the SADD you can call or text 641-2550 or email us at

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